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Aholi Kachina

Aholi is the companion (Kachina Chief's Lieutenant) of Eototo during *Powamu and aids him in the task of bringing rain. While Eototo is present on all three mesas, Aholi visits only on Third Mesa. 

Aholi is a beautiful kachina in his multicolored cloak and tall blue helmet but is of less importance than the very plain Eototo. On the back of his cloak is a likeness of Muyingwa, one of the Germ Gods responsible for the germination of the seeds. Aholi wears a white kilt, a sash, and a fox skin. He wears red moccasins and carries a staff or wand.

Aholi carries a wand marked with a star on the end, and as the plumed water serpent, two jars dedicated to him are painted with pointed star emblems

Aholi is the patron saint (wuya) of the Pikyas or Young Corn Clan who care for the seed corn. The colors on his cloak are said to represent the flowers and brightness of summer.

Legend has it that the Aholi and Eototo kachinas were partners ages ago in a different land. Aholi stayed behind to fight a rear guard action, then had his throat cut to allow Eototo time to escape as leader. After many lengthy migrations throughout the Southwest, they were reunited at Old Oraibi. 

Aholi's name appears to derive from the Hopi word ahulti, or "return" which was the promise that the departing Quetzalcoatl made his people when he fled the Toltec capital of Tula for the mythical land of Tlillan

* The Powamu Ceremony is also called the Bean Planting Festival. It is observed in late January or early February and lasts 8 days.

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