Wupamo (Long-Billed) Kachina

Wupamo is both a chief and a guard. He appears as a guard during the Bean Dance, but he may also serve in this same capacity at secret ceremonies in the kivas or assist with the cleaning of the springs by keeping the men on the job. During *Powamu he may be seen patrolling the procession to keep the onlookers clear of the route or urging the laggard clowns onward.

Moving quickly from place to place, he uses yucca whips to threaten all offenders. Those who wish to be cured of rheumatism can approach him with that portion of their body turned in his direction and he will strike them with several hard blows on the offending parts. 

* The Powamu Ceremony is also called the Bean Planting Festival. It is observed in late January or early February and lasts 8 days.


Wupamo (Long-Billed) Kachina

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